Spirit Dog Training vs K9TI (K9 Training Institute): A Comprehensive Comparison

As a dog owner, finding the right training program for your furry companion can be a daunting task. With the rise of online dog training courses, the options are plentiful, and it’s essential to choose one that suits your dog’s specific needs. In this blog post, we will delve into a detailed comparison between two popular online dog training platforms – Spirit Dog Training and K9 Training Institute (K9TI). Based on the information gathered from a knowledgeable source, we aim to help you make an informed decision and pave the way for a harmonious relationship with your beloved pet.

Overview of Spirit Dog Training vs K9TI

Traditional dog training classes were once the primary option for owners seeking professional guidance. However, with the advancement of technology, online dog training courses have become an attractive alternative. Both SpiritDog Training and K9TI are online platforms that offer comprehensive training programs designed to help dog owners address various behavioral issues and enhance obedience in their pets.

spirit dog training

Spirit Dog Training


K9TI (K9 Training Institute)

Trainer CredentialsSteffi – Acclaimed Dog TrainerDr. Alexa Diaz & Eric Presnall
Course DiversityDiverse Range of Specialized Courses“Total Transformation Masterclass”
Learning Platform and ResourcesVideos, Texts, Downloadable PDFsComprehensive Video Demonstrations
Personalized SupportSupportive Community and Q&A with TrainersLive Q&A Calls and Unlimited Coaching
PricingIndividual/bundle Courses: $49 – $397“Total Transformation Masterclass” – $297
Money-Back Guarantee60-Day Money-Back Guarantee90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pay Later PlansNot offeringConvenient Installment Plans
Free Training Class

Trainer Credentials

The expertise of trainers can significantly impact the effectiveness of a dog training program. SpiritDog Training boasts a lead trainer named Steffi, who has garnered praise for her insightful approach and clear instruction.

On the other hand, K9 Training Institute has two experienced lead trainers, Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall. Dr. Alexa Diaz’s background in animal behavior and extensive work with service dogs adds credibility to the K9TI platform. Eric Presnall’s experience and work with a skateboarding bulldog on Animal Planet’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” demonstrate his proficiency in canine training.

Course Overview

Both SpiritDog Training and K9 Training Institute offer a wide range of courses to address various training needs. SpiritDog’s top-selling courses include the “Tackling Reactivity Bundle,” “Confidence Booster,” and “SpiritDog Parkour.”

On the other hand, K9TI’s flagship course, the “Total Transformation Masterclass,” focuses on fundamental cues like “Watch” and “Touch” to instill calmness and obedience in dogs. The courses cater to different behavioral issues, making it essential for owners to identify their dog’s specific needs.

Learning Platform and Resources

An intuitive and user-friendly learning platform is crucial for an effective online dog training experience. SpiritDog Training uses a custom online learning platform that incorporates videos, text, and downloadable PDFs for easy comprehension.

K9TI also provides comprehensive video demonstrations, transcripts, and PDF summaries for a well-rounded learning experience. Both platforms emphasize step-by-step instructions to help owners progress at their own pace.

Support and Personalization

Direct support and personalized guidance from trainers can be invaluable during the training process. SpiritDog Training offers a supportive community where owners can post questions and receive prompt responses from trainers.

K9TI, meanwhile, provides live Q&A calls with trainers and unlimited personal coaching for enhanced support. The level of personalization may differ based on the course or bundle selected.

Reviews and Testimonials

SpiritDog Training has over 46,000 students enrolled in its courses, with high praise for its effectiveness.

K9TI also has a considerable number of positive reviews, with many graduates satisfied with the results.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee

SpiritDog Training offers competitive pricing for individual courses and bundles, ranging from $49 to $397. Additionally, the platform provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring you can explore the courses risk-free.

K9TI offers the “Total Transformation Masterclass” at $297, and the platform stands behind its effectiveness with a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free investment for dog owners.

SpiritDog Training vs. K9 Training Institute – Making the Decision

While both platforms offer incredible training resources, the ultimate choice depends on your dog’s specific needs and your training preferences. SpiritDog Training’s wide range of courses and Steffi’s expertise appeal to those seeking a diverse training experience. On the other hand, K9TI’s specialized “Total Transformation Masterclass” and personalized support may attract those looking for a focused approach.


Both SpiritDog Training and K9 Training Institute offer invaluable resources to foster a strong and harmonious bond between you and your dog. Whether you choose the diversity of SpiritDog or the specialization of K9TI, these online platforms empower you to be the best dog trainer for your loyal companion. Embrace the power of online dog training and embark on an exciting journey of transformation with your furry friend. Happy training!

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Are the training methods used by both platforms force-free and humane?

Yes, both SpiritDog Training and K9 Training Institute emphasize fear-free and positive reinforcement-based training methods, ensuring the well-being of your dog during the training process.

Can I access the courses on mobile devices?

Yes, both platforms offer access to their courses on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

How long does it take to see results with the training courses?

The timeline for results can vary depending on your dog’s specific needs and the consistency of your training efforts. While some improvements may be seen early on, comprehensive behavior changes may require dedicated practice over time.

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